Shwarma: A Taste of the Middle East

What exactly is shwarma? While it’s widely thought of as a meat Shwarma , the word itself actually refers to the way the meat is sliced and cooked rather than any specific dish with meat in it. The word shwarma comes from Arabic and means turning or rotating, referring to the vertical rotisserie that cooks the meat over hot coals. Shwarma can be made from beef, lamb, turkey, chicken or other poultry, but today we’re going to focus on lamb shwarma specifically.

Step by step recipes

Shawarma is one of my favorite things to order when we go out for dinner. We don’t have a lot of Turkish restaurants in my area, so I usually resort to making shawarma at home. It does take some preparation and planning ahead—you need to marinate meat overnight—but it’s not really hard once you get everything ready. Here are some easy steps that make delicious shawarma every time.

Mix 1/2 cup olive oil with 5 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp. lemon juice, 1 minced garlic clove, 2 tsp. ground coriander and 2 tsp. salt. Let it sit in your refrigerator overnight before you start making shawarma in your frying pan or grill. You can use a variety of meat such as chicken breast or lamb leg to make shawarma depending on how many people you are serving.

Cut your meat into thin slices. If you want to marinate more chicken, add more soy sauce, lemon juice and garlic (you can substitute with onion if you want a milder flavor). Brush your frying pan or grill with oil and place it on medium heat. Fry your chicken for about 5 minutes on each side until it’s cooked through. Make sure you don’t overcook them or they will be dry and hard to chew after grilling.

What is your favorite meat?

Pick your favorite kind of meat, whether it’s chicken, beef, or lamb. You want to use enough to make sure each bite is delicious! The best meats for a sandwich are ground meat (which can be made even tastier by mixing it with garlic and spices), slices or cubes that come from a whole steak, a sausage patty, or marinated meats like beef kabobs. Other meats such as seafood should be avoided unless you can absolutely guarantee their freshness.
How to make meat sandwich: The core of any shawarma is going to be meat, and you’ll need to layer that on generously. Your chicken should fill up your sandwich, but you don’t want it overpowering your veggies or toppings! Try building several thin layers so there’s more room for other ingredients while still keeping your meal hearty.
To top off your meal, you can add any veggies that are in season. Cucumbers and tomatoes add a freshness that is perfect for sandwiches while also providing additional vitamins and minerals. Carrots, cabbage, spinach, onions, and lettuce can all be added as well. Consider it one last chance to pack in nutrients before you take a big bite out of your sandwich!

Add-ons and sauces

Condiments such as tahini, hummus, cucumber sauce, and hot sauce are great additions to a shwarma. Tahini is a sesame seed paste that’s similar to peanut butter in flavor but doesn’t contain any dairy; it tastes delicious on flatbread (it should be applied with a spoon and not spread). Hummus is pureed chickpeas (garbanzo beans) blended with olive oil and garlic.
Cucumber sauce (tzatziki) is a cool, refreshing sauce made from yogurt, cucumbers, and garlic. It’s tangy, so a little goes a long way! And don’t forget about hot sauce!
It’s a great addition to meat sandwiches and you can be really creative with it; there are many types available. You can even make your own at home.
Dressings, pita, and toppings : Dijon mustard is a common dressing on shawarmas in France, so if you want to get authentic flavors, feel free to slather it on!

Chicken Pratha Sandwich

(Shawarma, shawurma, şevarmı) is a Levantine meat preparation and variant of doner kebab. Shawarma is made of lamb, beef, chicken or turkey (or a mixture), where the meat is placed on a tall spit (commonly a vertical spit in restaurants), and may be grilled for as long as a day. The meat is shaved off when ordered.


Shawarma can be served on a plate (wrapped in pita or lavash) or as a sandwich (typically wrapped in lavash, also available with pita). Shawarma may also be served with pickled vegetables and/or salads. If tomatoes are included, they are usually diced.

Vegetable Sandwich

To make vegetarian sandwiches, such as shawarmas, you’ll need to use a meat substitute—tofu or seitan (made from wheat gluten) are popular choices. Take small pieces of either and wrap them in a thin piece of pita bread along with your favorite vegetables. A delicious sandwich is only moments away!
Don’t forget to include a healthy fat source in your vegetarian sandwiches. If you are preparing a shawarma, tahini is perfect because it doesn’t add too much flavor and works well with most vegetables. You can also try adding hummus or a flavored mayonnaise to your sandwich. The options are almost endless!
A variety of vegetables can be used for a healthy vegetarian sandwich. You can include items like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers in your shawarma recipe. 

Cheese Sandwich

As a vegan, it can be hard to come up with recipes that everyone will enjoy. This recipe takes a favorite comfort food and puts a healthy spin on it! This simple sandwich is tasty and easy to make. It’s perfect for a quick lunch or snack any time of day.
You’ll need a few ingredients to make your sandwich, including tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olive oil and lemon juice. You can even add pickles or lettuce to it if you like! Follow these steps for a cheesy sandwich that you can feel good about eating.
Your kids will love these healthy and easy cheese sandwiches for school lunches. Whether you call them heros, submarines or hoagies, they’re simple to make and full of delicious flavor. They also travel well! We hope you enjoy them!

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