Shwarma: A Taste of the Middle East


What exactly is shwarma? While it’s widely thought of as a meat Shwarma , the word itself actually refers to the way the meat is sliced and cooked rather than any specific dish with meat in it. The word shwarma comes from Arabic and means turning or rotating, referring to the vertical rotisserie that cooks … Read more

Benefits of Milk in 9 Surprising ways

Benefits of Milk

Quick, name the health benefits of milk. If you said strong bones and teeth, you’re right—but there are plenty of other reasons to drink milk as well! Read on to learn more about these nine surprising benefits of milk and vitamins.. Is Milk Actually Good For You? If you’re not a full-fledged dairy enthusiast, that … Read more

The Easiest Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever

The Easiest Chocolate Cake

Your search for the perfect The Easiest Chocolate Cake recipe ends here. With just 5 ingredients and one bowl, you can whip up this moist, rich, and decadent chocolate cake in less than 45 minutes  Chocolate Cake! Mix it all together To make a The Easiest Chocolate Cake, first mix 2 cups of all-purpose flour … Read more